Incredible Back Pain Relief, Healing and Weight Loss (See video above)

About 18 months ago I broke my back falling off a roof. I was hospitalized for four days. Oxycodone & morphine did not touch the pain I was feeling. When I was well enough to be released, the pain was still incredible. A friend recommended Miranda for acupuncture. After one session I felt comfortable enough to fall asleep on her table. She let me sleep for about an hour. After four sessions with her the back pain was gone. Then Miranda recommended Designed Clinical Nutrition to help me lose weight and help with my overall health so I can do anything I want to do. I am five feet tall. I weighed 170 lbs. After ~four months I'd lost 40 lbs and I feel great. ~Leo


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2004.  I have been treated with acupuncture over the last 10 years by Miranda.  Before I began both acupuncture and nutrition, I was a mess.  I had been suffering with irritable bladder and bowel syndrome, very high levels of pain and fatigue, insomnia, and severe anxiety and depression.  I was on the verge of having to quit my part-time job because I just could not function properly.  Now i am more than half-way through the nutrition program and I am a completely different person!  My mood is stable, my digestion is ideal, and I rarely have pain.  I am thriving at work and have a much better outlook on the future!  Miranda has helped me achieve better results than any other treatment ever has.  With her help over the years, I have been able to get off of some medications that were doing me more harm than good.  I would highly recommend Miranda to anyone suffering from chronic pain.  ~JM


I had traveling leg pain (left leg) due to a fall about 9 months before I started seeing Miranda. Inability to stand for prolonged periods of time.  Numbness in right leg while in bed (centered around my right knee.  Swelling of right elbow due to repetitive motion tenderness and sore to the touch (3 months).  I began treatment in September.  Soon the numbness in my right leg/knee was gone.  By the third session, the swelling in my elbow was greatly reduced, but still tender to the touch.  By mid-October, the elbow feels normal, no swelling or overt tenderness.  Finally I am pain free in my left leg.  Pain returns when I over-exert myself physically through exercise or due to prolonged standing/lifting.  ~DL

Allergies, Sinus Infections

I have been using Miranda's services for about two years.  When I came I wanted to get rid of the sinus infections every three months and the use of high-end antibiotics.  I knew I had inhalant allergies.  She discovered that I was also allergic to all grains, as well as grass pollen, dairy, eggs, and soy.  She asked me to stay off these things for six months.   She has also been treating various other issues (viruses, fungus, bacteria, parasites). Over time my body is responding in a healthier manner.  Recently, I got a cold and got over it in about 1 1/2 weeks with no use of antibiotics. Unheard of for me!  I live next to a 20-acre pasture that is no longer running cows.  As a result there is 20 acres of grass.  This year I do not have to take antihistamines in order to go outside and garden, weed, and plant.  I do not get runny eyes, sneezing or itching.  To  my great surprise, I can have a slice of cheese cake and not be in pain.  yea!!  - S.K.

Digestion Issues

I had frequent digestion issues including stomach bloating, constipation, diarrhea.  I could not eat without issues.  I had already stopped eating gluten, but any food seemed to bother me.  Now I feel great -- no digestion issues or stomach aches unless i eat something too fatty.  My energy is great now too.  ~D.L.

Things just didn't move in my intestines before Miranda's program. Now I travel without worries. - L.B.

Heart Concerns

I've had no energy for a long time, depression is hard on my heart. My heart symptoms can show up in my digestive system. After seeing Miranda and Josie, my stomach problems are resolving and my energy is picking up. I'm handling the stress of living with my dad who has Alzheimer's. It made sense to work on healing multiple organ weaknesses with Designed Clinical Nutrition, my heart among them. Miranda also recommended a therapist who specializes in geriatrics.  She had some good advice for me.  ~ L.B.

My doctor looked at my EKG and said "It looks like you've had a minor heart attack but I don't believe it." I then told him that 4 days ago I had had a very short bout of severe sharp pains down my left arm, my jaw, down my upper back and definitely in my chest following a mountain work-out and eating sweets from the bakery. I coughed like crazy and it went away. Josie had just yesterday tested me and I needed CardiotrophinPMG, CoQ10, Cardio-Plus, Vasculin, immune support, etc. for my heart. In college, age 19, my echocardiogram had showed some leaky valve. I'd had enlarged heart symptoms, and my murmur was loud! I failed that physical pending an echocardiogram.
The referred cardiologist looked at my echocardiogram from 10 weeks after I started nutritional support for my heart. Comparing my 19-year old and 45-year-old tests, it was clear that even my leaky heart valve had tightened up with the nutrients! I passed my physical! A year later I'm skiing and racing 30 km/18+ mile cross country ski races in under three hours. Josie has fixed me up! I also feel a lot stronger and follow my workouts with yummy chicken soup or chili now.  ~MRT

Failure to Thrive

My three-year-old patient couldn't talk, had constant pneumonia, was in and out of the hospital, always running a fever with a condition that made it unlikely for her to pass her 18th birthday. After testing for heart support, she spent an hour in my office with her mom feeding her pieces of Cardio-Plus in milk. On their drive home the little girl actually spoke "more mommy" and her mom couldn't believe she spoke and actually wanted - not the animal crackers, not the milk but - more Cardio-Plus! Not only did this girl end up being kicked out of the hospital studies for her condition, she is living a full life including bicycling and ballet. She can live a full adult life. ~ teacher Freddie Ulan, D.C.

Child's Digestion and Behavior Issues

[My four-year-old daughter] was having pains in her belly, vomiting, and diarrhea.  Also her behavior was difficult to manage.   Now [after Nutrition Response Testing] she rarely complains of belly pain.  Now she has normal bowels.  And her behavior is more typical of a four-year-old kid.  ~HP


As Miranda was diagnosing me for "signs" of weakness, she said that my eyes were a very weak point.  I did not tell her that I had had three eye surgeries in the last three years, and that I was pre-glaucomic.  i am being monitored every three months to check for eye pressure.  The doctor gave me medication which I forgot to use.  NOW:  My eye check-up was one day after my visit with Miranda.  The doctor said, "The medicine must be working; your eye pressure is way down..."  I told him I never used the drops and explained about Nutrition Response Testing.  He listened, was skeptical, but pleased that my condition had improved.  WOW!  ~ DL

Abdominal Pain

Prior to coming to see Miranda, I had a tear in my lower abdomen following a dramatic birth.  I had multiple ultra sounds, but no doctor could diagnose the problem. I started taking Super-EFF [nutritional supplement] and working with Miranda to help my pain and now I am pain free after five years.  Pain is gone, after 5 years!  ~MS

Stressors Eliminated

Although I've done years of body work, chiro, and meditation, I've always felt a stressor in my central nervous system, like live wires without insulation.  After just 2 weeks, I feel so much better, calm in my core, like my brain and spine are smooth and supported.  i had no idea this could be resolved with nutrition until I saw Miranda.  ~LO

Headaches, Hair, Weight Loss

I had the worst headaches ever and that was the main reason for my visit:  to use acupuncture to get rid of the headaches.  Miranda suggested Nutrition Response Testing.  i wasn't sure if it was going to work, the headaches were so severe.  I would do anything to get rid of them.  So I decided to try Nutrition Response Testing.  After the headaches were gone within two visits there were other things that were wrong such a hair falling out, stomach pain and bloating.  NOW:  Within two visits my headaches were gone and today two months after starting Nutrition Response Testing I haven't experienced any headaches.  I am very excited: my hair isn't falling out any more and the texture has improved -- it's bouncy, shiny, and looks healthier.  I had water retention and two days after taking the supplements I lost six pounds.  It's been two weeks and the pounds are still off.  I am not tired and my sleep is so much better.  I used to get really tired a few hours after starting my day -- just four hours after waking up I needed a nap.  I don't have the 4:00 p.m. sugar cravings any more.  ~ SS

Weight, Pain, Stomach Bloating

I weighed 220 pounds, and had hip, hand, a foot pains.  I was sore upon rising.  I craved and ate sweets.  There was stomach bloating.  My muscles were weak and I lacked stamina.  I had muscle cramps and blurred vision.  NOW:  I've amazingly stopped eating ice cream.  My cravings for sweets are much less.  It's like I have totally different discipline.  I've made some unbelievable changes.  I'm 195 now.  I  haven't been under 200 pounds in about 20 years.  I eat dark chocolate, enjoy strawberries with whipped cream without fructose and corn syrup.  I drink more water so my muscle cramps are gone!  ~ PM

Fuzzy Thinking / Mid-Life Blahs

I felt fuzzy in my thinking and lackluster.  I was worried this was how I was going to stay, having entered menopause even though I thought I was relatively "healthy".  I thought I ate well and exercised all my life, so then maybe this was the new crappy-feeling normal of mid-life.  But now I'm stunned at the difference following Miranda's recommendations has made in my well-being and life.  I feel clear-headed, level-headed, calm, and confident.  I am renewed, knowing that I have a game plan and awareness on how to eat and support my brain and body.  I'm thrilled not wasting hundreds of dollars at Super-Supplements for products that seem good but do not support MY body's systems.  With Miranda, my body tells us what works and what's needed.  That's brilliant and true wisdom for the next half of my life.  Yeah!  ~LO


Ever since the fear of needles, I would never consider acupuncture.  (While I was donating blood, the nurse relocated the needle while it was still in my arm, searching for a vein.)  I have had severe headaches, concentrated on my right side -- pituitary gland, triggered by stress, loud noises, disagreements -- whatever set me off, made for a short fuse, outbursts, or simply shut down.  The only cure I felt was to sleep the pain off from 2-6 hours.  A medical doctor ran an MRI, but found nothing.  What a relief!  Another medical doctor (pharma) prescribed blood thinners.  They merely made the headaches worse.  NOW:  With a combination of chiropractic and acupuncture, I feel like I am able to get my life back.  I'm 43, and now able to think clearly, rationally, methodically.  Those past stressors seem more like pests or tasks to be dealt with.  I feel I've regained control of who I am and my existence.  Yes, I am convinced that a practice that has been around since well before 'Western Medicine' needs to become a mandatory first before pharmaceuticals.  Having cures without any side effects is far more beneficial to anyone or any entity.  Thank you Aaron/chiropractor, Miranda/acupuncturist, Josie/nutritionist. ~ RW 

Bursitis/Hip Pain

For the past three years I've suffered from a running-related injury -- bursitis in my hip.  Chiropractic and physical therapy helped, but didn't fully resolve the problem.  Because of the hip pain, I couldn't exercise.  I found myself gaining weight.  After treatment, my hip pain has resolved and I can now sleep, move, and enjoy life.  I feel more energetic and am again biking and walking and my excess weight is gone.  Excellent results.  ~ Anon.

Skin, Digestion, Bloating

My skin was really broken out with acne.  I had bad digestive issues, bloating constantly.  When I went to Arizona, I didn't like what the sunscreen did on my face.  It sat on the surface and looked pasty and gross, and didn't absorb into my skin. NOW:  Mh sin has improved a bunch and I feel a lot healthier.  In Arizona I found gluten-free restaurants.  After I burned, I took extra Cataplex F and the would-be sunburn was handled by the next morning!  ~JS

Digestion, Itchy Skin, Toenail Problems

I had digestive problems, itchy skin, and toenail fungus.  I no longer have digestive problems, no more itchy skin,.  I took photos showing that although my toenails grow slowly, the new growth is clean with no fungus!  ~ Anon.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I felt physically like I was in my 70s.  Moving around was very painful and difficult.  Sleeping was not as easy as I normally found in the past.  The increased inflammation made simple chores taxing and left me tired and frustrated.  To help with pain, I was taking three Naproxen a day just to get through the daily activities of life.  My diagnosis was Rheumatoid Arthritis and Western Medicine’s answer was immune blocking pills.  Now I am no longer on Naproxen, can move around with near perfect ease for a person in their mid-to-late 30s.  Inflammation has been reduced completely in my hips, wrist, and Achilles.  I have also lost the weight that I have always struggled to lose.  I feel like I have more energy than before and have a much healthier outlook on life.  ~ ES

Hot Flashes

BEFORE:  I was having hot flashes especially at night when I was trying to sleep.  I believe because of the detox and my body trying to fight the toxins, my body was messing with my hormones and using the heat in an effort to help me heal.

NOW:  I no longer have hot flashes and am finished with the detox for the most part right now.  Lilly B.

Depression, Fatigue

BEFORE:  I struggled with depression, fatigue, anxiety, digestive issues, back pain -- most of these symptoms since childhood.  I injured my back in June 2011 and did not heal.  I tried every possible thing for three months and went to the ER 2 times. 

NOW:  I am no longer experiencing any symptoms except for some back pain which continues to improve every day.  The improvement happened so quickly and the quality of my life changed dramatically.  I haven't felt like this in years.  Robin P.

Acute pain and Muscle Spasms

BEFORE:  I had constant pelvic pain for a year.  I could not sit comfortably.  It even hurt when I was in bed.  It felt like electric/twisting sensations.  Muscle spasms woke me up every morning. 

NOW:  After just two weeks of treatment I can sit with no pads for a short amount of time.  With pads, I can sit for about an hour.  The intensity of the sensation is dissipating.  I don't have muscle spasms in the morning any more.  Becky W.

Brain Fog, Fuzzy Thinking

BEFORE:  My mind felt fuzzy, foggy and I perceived my thinking to be tentative and unfocused.  I could not sustain what I will call "a long sequence of thought."  As a result, my communication was often unclear and frenzied. 

NOW: Just ten days later I felt clear and focused and have expanded the horizon of my thinking and my communication is much calmer.  Claire D.

Back Pain, Digestion, Bladder Problems

BEFORE:  (1) Low back and sacral pain, sciatica.  Hit a plateau of response to chiropractic.  (2) Sleeping meds needed.  (3) Digestive enzymes needed, diarrhea often.  (4) Bladder pain and frequency. 

NOW:  Sacral pain gone - Zero chiropractic.  (2) Falling asleep on sofa (which I have never done before).  (3) Zero digestive enzymes needed -- parasitic control was the problem.  (4) Bladder pain under control.  June E.

Blood Pressure, Neuropathy and Brain Function
My blood pressure was way too high. I was a little depressed and worried about my memory as well as circulation to my feet. Working with Miranda I realize that my blood pressure only goes up when I eat sugar, and that I need to be more careful about getting poisonous substances on my hands. So I'm happy giving up most sugary snacks and plan to buy cotton gloves for working with toxic paints that mess up my body. The best thing is that my clarity of mind is improving and I'm very happy. My feet have stopped feeling numb all the time. People tell me I look 10 years younger.  AR

Allergy Relief

Since seeing Miranda I go for walks now and haven't needed my inhaler all spring! JR

Heart Palpitations

When I first came to High Point Health, my heart was palpitating at night when I wasn't doing anything, my gums were bleeding, I had a chronic pain in my right ankle, and couldn't run.  I would twist my knee just walking into cold water at the beach.  After working with Miranda for several weeks, my gums were better. I found myself in the tunnel, needing to catch the bus.  And I had two pieces of luggage with me.  I debated trying to run for it.  Finally, I took off and ran the whole length of the tunnel.  At the end, my breathing was only slightly elevated. My joints were fine. I was amazed.  TL 


I was experiencing post-herpetic neuralgia (after shingles nerve deadness and occasional tingling).  This condition was aggravated by eating sugar and being tired or stressed.  With Nutrition Response Testing, I am much improved, at most times completely restored, unless I consume sugar. Kathryn A.

Better Nutrition - Surprising Benefits

So I've been applying the diet...and I've truly felt better. More alert, vibrant and strong. Honestly I don't feel as tight or tense. I feel loose and flexible. ~JL

Sinus Congestion Resolving - Bonus Energy

Guess what, I woke up this morning without lots of green goo in the nose, in fact mostly white. Amazing!  Thank you.  Made it to the meetings didn't even need a nap.  Double amazing. Thanks. Kris

Post Whiplash Treatment
“I feel so much better and I am like my own self again. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. So whatever you did, you worked a miracle on me. I am so thankful.” Dr. Huong Tran, DDS. (425-430-0400)

Depression and Heart Palpitations

I used to wake up (for years) with this heavy feeling and then felt sorry for myself.  I interpreted the heavy feeling as depression.  Now, I wake up and scan my body for  low energy. I am aware of when the energy is there and I know it is just the deeper stuff/pain coming out.  I can clear it instead of being miserable.  Also, I used to get heart palpitations fairly often.  With Nutrition Response Testing, I found out that sugar was the cause.  When I'm really good about avoiding sugar, I don't get palpitations.  Madeline H.

Acupuncture Along With Other Therapies

“Miranda has been my acupuncturist for several years. In that time, I have appreciated her clinical ability, her communication, and the results that her work allows. Miranda is my primary referral when my patients are seeking acupuncture. I support and encourage patients to have acupuncture, and for anyone wanting a safe, natural approach. I have confidence when I send a patient over to her, that they will experience a personable, caring, professional and effective health ally.” Bryan Wiebe, D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic, (206-932-6605)

Traumatic Injury Two Years Ago

Before:  Run down, neck and back pain, muscle spasms in my low back and upper neck, and most of the time when i ate food, I felt like I was going to get sick and nauseous.  For the past two years I have seen several medical doctors for all these conditions.  I thought nothing was going to help me.
After:  After four visits to High Point Health I have had a 200% turnaround in the way I feel.  Miranda is a wonderful person and her attention to my health care has been exponential to me and the way I feel.  I am a firm believer in Miranda and her practice at High Point Health.  I would recommend this practice to anyone.  James H.

“You don’t have to have a specific problem to benefit from acupuncture. For example, you can just be grumpy and acupuncture can help you feel better.” Julie B.

Fatigue, Pain, Healing Crises

“Miranda Taylor is a highly skilled, sensitive and determined practitioner with a lot of heart. I came to Miranda terrified of needles and decided she must have put me under a spell, because within minutes, I was on her table with twenty or so needles in me, feeling more relaxed than I had felt in months! I received regular treatments for a knee injury and emotional support during an intense healing period, and she was truly a life saver. The stiffness in my knee has lessened, my energy has increased, and I feel much more emotionally resourced. I highly recommend Miranda’s acupuncture, herbal treatments, and Craniosacral work to support your healing process.” Lena C.

Character Reference and Consulting Physician from Cornell University Pre-Medical Studies: Dr. Sylvia Becker-Dreps, M.D. and friend.

Symptoms Not Treatable with Western Medicine
“I found Miranda after many unsuccessful years of seeking relief for my ailments through western medicine. I was feeling discouraged and frustrated. After one session with Miranda, many of the symptoms that had caused me so much distress disappeared. It was truly amazing! I would recommend Miranda’s services to anyone. She is extremely intuitive, highly skilled, and a pleasure to be with.” Betsy H

Severe Migraines
“I have always been impressed with the personalized care Miranda provides and her commitment to treat the whole person. Unlike some, treatment from Miranda doesn’t end when you walk out the door. She is constantly researching and refining my treatment and keeps in contact with me to check progress. Her expertise in acupuncture and TCM has cured my back aches, PMS, anxiety, migraines, endometriosis and fatigue. She also has a great network of healers that she works with and I value her recommendations. I truly cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not met Miranda!” Joni V

TMJ and Shoulder Pain

“I’ve tried Western Medicine, Chiropractic and Massage, with no improvement in my guitar-back, shoulder, and TMJ pain. I was very skeptical about Acupuncture, to the point where I resisted going. Now, I’m very glad I did. I’m very pleased with the results from Acupuncture and Herb Therapy.” Lyle. ( or cell phone (206-604-5792)

I had a TMJ condition: clicking/popping in my jaw which started when I chewed down hard on some hard candy. It worsened over a period of several months. Finally when eating watermelon, I realized even soft foods were causing pain. I needed to do something. Adrian suggested I see Miranda. After a few treatments with Miranda the jaw has improved. There is no more popping or clicking. There is a little soreness in the area but that is going away. I no longer am nervous about eating and have not had any problems in this area. I suffered with this condition for 8-9 months, so it is SO nice not to have that problem anymore.” Mary M.

Foot and Body Pain
Foot pain patient Mary Seaton appreciated acupuncture when her feet and body pain were at their worst. Just ask Mary at

Frozen Shoulder
A champion swimmer, I came with a 3-month old completely frozen shoulder and after 8 visits was competitive again in the pool. L.D.

Back Spasms Plus
“Miranda is the best acupuncturist I have seen, a 10 out of 10. Others I have seen I’d rate at a 4 or 5. I love that cupping!”  Bob B.

“After my car accident I always had this lingering spasm on the left side of my spine. Miranda was persistent in chipping away at the spot. Now I just go every 3 to 6 months just because acupuncture keeps me feeling so great. The Chinese herbs have virtually cured my rosacea as well.” - Bob M.

“Miranda’s got me going again. I feel good!”  Sue L.

“Miranda worked miracles. I can sleep. I have hope for the first time in years that I will not have chronic pain for the rest of my life.”  Marilyn D.

Menstural Pain and Endometriosis
“This is the first time in my life where my periods are coming as a surprise! The pain is virtually gone with the help of acupuncture and herbs.” Beth J, Mary K, Kari S, and many others

Sports Medicine
“Being an active individual, acupuncture has assisted significantly in preparing my body for whatever challenges lie ahead. Among many benefits, the techniques used have eased tightness from spinal issues and reduced swelling from joint sprains. I highly recommend Miranda’s treatments for general wellness and preventative care.” Brian J.

From a Well Known and Respected Chiropractor

"I am a chiropractor and have practiced in South Seattle for more than 30 years. Acupuncture is a very important part of my personal health and wellness strategy and Miranda Taylor is my acupuncturist. I also refer my patients to Miranda. She is clinically excellent and is one of the most compassionate and caring people I know. I highly recommend acupuncture and especially Miranda Taylor." David Butters, D.C, Rainier Valley Chiropractic, Seattle, WA

Facial Rejuvenation
“I participated in the 12 week acupuncture facial rejuvenation. With my first treatment I was able to feel the “up-lift.” Each succeeding treatment built on itself. I could see improvements weekly. By the seventh week my aesthetician commented that my muscle structure was improved and some of my lines have almost disappeared. Others say my face looks smoother and more relaxed. I also received guidance on diet. The treatments were also very relaxing. I highly recommend Miranda’s work.” Mary M.

Success Stories

Gall Stones

"When I came to High Point Health dba Jade River Acupuncture last November, I had a stent taking bile out of my gallbladder to a bag connected to my leg as I needed to get my blood pressure down before having my gall bladder surgically removed. Miranda's dietary adjustment recommendations and food pills dissolved my many gallstones in 2 months, so the stent was removed without consequence. I was able to cancel my gallbladder removal surgery, my sleep is better, my knee pain went away, and my blood pressure came down." Alex B.

Fatigue, Low Energy

Before:  worn down; in pain; fatigued; run down.  Doctors were telling me it's all OK!  Yet I experienced it all and could not get past all the pain.  Now:  Like a turbine engine originally shut off all the time, but now like a turbine engine turning and slowly progressing to more speed.  I was not sure all this would work.  However, truly, it is helping me improve my energy and healing.  And I have more calmness.  It's something!  After numerous amounts of appointments, medical bills, and stress with other doctors, it all has finally arrived to a road of a new beginning.  -CP

Multiple Issues Improved

I suffered from high anxiety, adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, thinning hair, psoriasis, and an inability to lose weight.  The anxiety and sleep issues are basically resolved and I no longer feel any lethargy or fatigue.  My hair and psoriasis are slowly improving and I've lost 5 pounds just in the past week.  I'm feeling better and most importantly, feel an attachment to my body that I've not felt before. -ML

Before:  Severe back pain, headaches, high stress, poor digestion, trouble breathing, asthma, sugar cravings!  Now:  My back is completely pain free, headaches are gone, and my sugar cravings are lessened.  My stress levels are much lower.  I've lost 10 pounds, and I feel much clearer.  My asthma has improved to where I rarely need to use an inhaler, and my lungs constantly feel full and expansive. -MK

I had horrible migraines, digestion issues, plaque psoriasis, lots of back pain.  Now:  No migraines!!!  Digestion issues are iimproved for the first time in 20 years.  Psoriasis is subsiding.  Back pain is clearing up.  -SF

Ringing in Ear

One of the issues I had when I arrived was an increasing problem with my ear ringing.  This was caused by a very small benign tumor on my hearing nerve and possibly irritation and pressure on the nerve.  Over the last year, I focused on my nutrition and consistent evaluations with the High Point Health team.  My ear ringing has decreased significantly which makes me feel confident the tumor is not growing or could even be shrinking.  I am very grateful for all the help and care I have received.  ~CC

Sleep Issues
[Before seeing Miranda and Josie] I could not sleep enough at night even if I never slept in the daytime.  I slept 3-4 hours, sometimes 6 hours per night.  Now for the past 3-4 weeks, I am sleeping 7-8 hours and even sometimes 9 hours per night.  I feel much better in the mornings with much more energy.  ~RG

Multiple Health Challenges
Problems with sleeping, TMJ, headaches, digestion, anxiety, lower back.  I felt depleted of energy no matter what I did.  Now all of the symptoms have cleared except for my lower back, which seems to be doing its own thing.   I feel much more at ease and I'm sleeping through the night.  My system overall feels stronger to deal with Life's issues.  The shift in energy has been very significant and it has allowed me to address other areas in my life that felt overwhelming before.  ~CH