Emily Englert, author of Creating Bliss In Your Life With A Vestibular Condition and Beyond: Guidance From A Fellow Vestibular Warrior and wholistic nutrition expert finishing up advanced studies with the Nutritional Therapy Association while coaching her clients with vestibular conditions. She is assisting Miranda and learning traditional Chinese medical nutrition principles with Nutrition Response Testing and Morphogenic Field Technique as an intern. Em adds an everyday  relaxed joy to the office. She may assist Miranda in your nutrition evaluations over video chat or guide you in many small ways to improve your health in a big way.

Miranda Taylor, NRTP, EAMP, M.TCM, L.Ac, uses Nutrition Response Testing, customized Eastern and Western herbal formulas, and acupuncture to address a wide spectrum of health issues

faced by her patients.

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Josie Steuart collaborates with Miranda and is often available when Miranda is out of the office. Contact her directly from her website at https://www.ablebodynutrition.com/testimonials

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