Invite friends and find out how nutrition may help:

Thursday, May 19th ~ 6:30 - 7:30 pm

How to get healthy and stay healthy
Enjoy strength & vitality through proper nutrition

**** Free Nutrition Screenings offered at end of presentation for guests  *****
These talks help you get the most out of your nutrition program and are a great way to introduce Nutrition Response Testing

to a friend, co-worker or family member!

What patients are sharing about Miranda's help:

Since seeing Miranda I go for walks now and haven't needed my inhaler all spring! ~JR

When I first came to High Point Health, my heart was palpitating at night when I wasn't doing anything, my gums were bleeding, I had a chronic pain in my right ankle, and couldn't run.  I would twist my knee just walking into cold water at the beach.  After working with Miranda for several weeks, my gums were better. I found myself in the tunnel, needing to catch the bus.  And I had two pieces of luggage with me.  I debated trying to run for it.  Finally, I took off and ran the whole length of the tunnel.  At the end, my breathing was only slightly elevated. My joints were fine. I was amazed.  ~TL

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Sneezy-Wheezy Head & Lungs, Palpitating Hearts and Avoiding Strokes, the 1-2-3 basics:

1) Are allergies or asthma forever?
2) Do heart problems only get worse?
3) Is it really a cerebro-vascular accident if you were asking for it?